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Madi Valley – Home stay, Nepal

2 hours from Chitwan National Park,in the Madi Valley Grounds is a small, humble and unique, 105 people populated village called Ayoghyapuri. With the help of Intrepid Travels the village have developed, expanded their income and grown stronger for a better life for the whole community! It was chosen by Intrepid Travel and partnered to the WWF (world wildlife foundation)to be funded by the foundations…

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Chitwan National Park – My Rhino Experience

Over 9000 sq/km of jungle, river, planes, and tall grass fields, not forgetting the villages and farming lands within the Park Chitwan has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1973. Protecting not just the plants, environment and wildlife, but also protecting endangered and beautiful species like the Black One Horned Rhinoceros. Chitwan National Park which means “heart of the forest“ can be found 5 -6…

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Kathmandu in 48 hours

The Capital, The first settlement of Nepal, Kathmandu is famous for harmonious Hindu and Buddhist religions with temples and shrines found all over the city, Temples galore, but so beautiful, intricate and mesmerizing to see the difference in shapes, sizes, people and the traditions of each one.  I am going to tell you about the time I had here, and how I used it extremely…

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Day Hike along the Foot Hills

Pokhara, Annapurna Foothills, Nepal I won’t lie, I am not a hiker, a trekker, a runner, or a full on hill walker tbh… I love climbing to get to an amazing view though, and pushing myself, so this lead to me booking a trek within the AnnaPurna Mountain range National Park in Pokhara for the day. To spend a day away from the city to…

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Perfect Pokhara

I will tell you all about my days here, how I had no expectation on this small but beautiful part of Nepal, with its friendly people, calm atmosphere and stunning views. The experience started on the flight from Kathmandu, I decided a 25minute flight was much better than a 8 – 10 hour bus ride, (100 dollars for the flight, 10 dollars for the bus…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

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