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Why Exploring over… Everything


October 26th 2012, my first solo travel experience without my family and friends. It was only for 3 days but gosh the freedom I felt… From using @Airbnb for the first time, trying new things, tasting new food and feeling new emotions. Testing myself on my own and discovering a new city became a real thrill!

I see travelling as five things,

Okay so it was only Amsterdam, 1 hour flight from London. But it was a catalyst for my next few years of exploring, travelling and an ever growing bucket list of new places… and hey, a girls got to start somewhere! Soon enough I was on to the next one a week in Italy, then 3 weeks in Asia…. I was hooked!

One – An escape

A place far away from the everyday standard working days, the regimented day in life of someone who needs to earn her travel money. An escape to somewhere completely opposite to what you used to with people who do not know you, but open to finding out. An escape for thoughts, and a destination for the real dreams and ideas to come back into your head. Refreshed and energized.

Two – A Lesson and Education.

Different countries different languages to pick up, different cultures to get lost in , different terrains and grounds to walk over. All teaching us something about that country or something about ourselves.

Three – A Confidence boost

I believe travel has given me a chance to get to know my best self, from the people I have had the privilege of meeting along the way, to the people who have welcomed me into their communities with open arms, each interaction gives you a sense of the bigger picture, but also in some ways makes you feel like you’ve found yourself a little more. (deep I know)

Four – An Awareness

 So I love a week in the sun on a sun lounger, but the best holidays and adventures have been the ones seeing the natural landscapes which this amazing planet has produced. Seeing Geography do its thing in the glaciers of Iceland, to appreciating the Coral in the ocean while we can in Philippines… Geography is awesome! Its makes you think when you come back if what you do is enough and if you can do anything to help , from seeing how other people live, and how someone with so little trys so hard to give you so much, changes you makes you aware there a bigger things in the world than sparkly Jewellery and fast cars.

5. An Intrepid nature

This has definitely been found, grown and exploded by saying yes, and doing things out of my comfort zone, sometimes it leads to getting to excited on a day out, leading to a spa day in the forest, which then leads to a weekend away in Europe (ask my friends :P) but hey its my Intrepid nature .

This blog is to record my adventures, challenge myself with exploring my creative writing side, and sharing my stories from my travels… Enjoy x


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