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I have been lucky enough to go to some extremely historical destinations across the world, I love history, I love how it has shaped the future of how we live and how the preservation of artefefacts has helped us understand history. Like clothing, technology, and the way of life , how historical characters have cleared the way for the next stage in progress and how its preserved through monuments and buildings which have become tourist destinations. What is Rome without the Colosseum, New York without the Empire state, Peru without Machu Picho… I could go on

Below are a few places which I have enjoyed visiting due to the history I read and learnt about before I headed off;

Pompeii being the most recent visit… where over 1900 years ago Volcanic ash from the nearby Vesuvius Volcano completely drowned a fully working city which was way ahead in technology and progressive in lifestyle and transportation we don’t even use now… It still baffles me how we can now walk down the streets which were once used my horse drawn carts, with special stepping stones you will see from my image, to make sure people didn’t walk in the dirt and waste down the streets, Saunas with under floor heating by heated water ways underneath the tiles. So clever my mind was blown when we walked around the city. Its like a frozen picture of the city, once of the most well preserved cities from an eruption like this in the world. Painted walls, mosaic tiled floors and brick details all preserved from the eruption can been seen as you walk round, the small details that remain are beautiful and the tour guides so helpful. I could of stayed all day

China with its history going back several hundred dynasties/ 221BC. Emperors and even Empresses in the same time of Queen Victoria ruled over the whole of China… their traditions going back centuries from the colour of red, to the makeup and hair accessory meanings they traditionally dress in. The main thing I wanted to know more about was the religion of Buddhism and how their ways of life was so embedded within the beliefs which over 80 percent of Chinese people follow. The other was the great Wall of China and how, why and where it was built before I walked across it. The Quin and Ming dynasties built the wall to keep out invaders from Mongolia, but was also a fortress in its self with over 700 keep towers, running the span of North east China , It’s a wonder in its self, seen from space, but the sheer scale can only be appreciated from the highest  towers which you can see within the image below of me on tower 23 of the site you can visit outside of Beijjing.

Egypt, its Ancient history dates back all the way to 2000BC, where Pharaohs built 52 ft pyramids with no modern technology and still no explanation from historians on how they managed to complete them… Where Royal brothers and sisters married to keep blood pure, and where women ruled and were worshipped way before the feminist movement of today! Need I even mention Cleopatra! This is one place I am excited to travel to this year after learning all about them in my 2nd year of junior school (wow that was 20 years ago)… I can’t wait to learn more about The Great Pyramids, the Nile, the Egyptian gods and goddesses with different animal heads to represent different characteristics. I can’t wait to see where Pharaohs ruled and worshipped the afterlife as much as life its self with their burial temples being discussed even before they became Pharaohs.

These are just 3 destinations which are special to me, but there are so many others areas I want to visit due to the historical background, Vietnam, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Russia, India and soooo many more

So when you next think History was boring at school, just remember it may influence you in the future when deciding where to travel 🙂

Happy Holidays 🙂 and Hello History!


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