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This last years been a thoughtful one… mainly due to having time to think about everything going on around me for once ( I sound so grown up :p)

The last few years have been chaotic, busy focusing on my career, spending weekends in every city in England seeing friends, spending money on adventures and exploring rather than saving for houses and permanent accommodation. This last year was different, I got to where I wanted to be in my career, and have means to fund my ‘exploring the world’ addiction 🙂 That has leant it self to me having more time to think, on a beach, on the tube to work, or even just a different mind set and perspective on what I want out of life.

I have found on the way I am a bit of the odd one out… surrounded by friends and family who are with partners, buying houses, having kids , getting married… then there is me… single, solo, no desire to even think about kids right now or this decade 😉 But instead of freaking out or thinking I need to settle down I like the fact I have this freedom, the savings to travel, the confidence to do these things on my own… I can do whatever I want!! So even though I have taken a different path to others… I love that it may mean my path is just deciding to complete a few swoops and zig zags before I get there 😉

I hope this short but reflective post shows the singletons, the solos, the indecisive about life rebels that doing it all different and all at our own pace is absolutely fine, in fact I recommend it…. So it may not be all about travelling within this post, but it does show how travelling can change your mindset on life when your not

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