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When it comes to food , people have gone crazy for trying new fads, the new IT food, and the latest cuisines to hit town. Myself included from Turkish delicacies and sweet, Avocado and Lobster, Rainbow Bagels and (all London based :P) I have spent my fair share on food trends and trying new delish food.

Take it from someone who when she went to Florida for 3 weeks back when she was 10 and only ate Margerita pizza everyday because I wouldn’t try anything new. Food has developed along with many peoples taste buds and taste addictions along with my own intrepid way of treating food now.

When on my travels, I love hunting down the best places to go and the even just stumbling across some local delicacies. Here’s a few pointers on where and how to find the best


Friends, Family, Facebook friends, strangers on a bus…. You could have so many places to visit food or not related to food from just asking people who may have been before. Take Rome… I went to an Icecream shop called….. just off the main square of the Pantheon. 250 flavours of icecream left me speechless, so when friends tell me they are off I can help but verbally force them to go to this place…Each one has said they are so happy I recommended it. It’s the same with other friends of mine, they have mentioned places for NYC an Prague and I was not disappointed! Its like a domino effect of food choices.

This also happened in Croatia, a friend recommended Lady Pi Pi, located on the highest part of the city so means you have a leg aching walk to get there, open only fore certain ours for breakfast, lunch and dinner with no reservations we were a little sceptic, but once we got there the views of the city from the terrace, the fresh juices, and the tuna steak were out of this world!

Tuna Steak at Lady Pi Pi’s, Dubrovnik – RECOMMENDATION
Mussels at Lady Pi Pi’s, Dubrovnik

I know its Instagram, but for a foodie like me its the perfect platform to see what restaurants have to offer before arriving or deciding to even go. From Elan Café in London the pink heaven with the best avo toast you can get, to Ellen Stardust in New York…. I knew what I wanted before I even got there due to the power if Instagram! Also did you even eat food unless you took a picture 😛

Sometimes the good old websites are the best, when in Italy, how can you pick a restaurant when every single one will be amazing (no such thing as a bad Italian in my eyes)… So we looked on Tripadvisor for some particular needs… Price, type of food, location and opening times, which was quick easier and perfect for 2 very hungry people! After scrolling a few times in Sorrento e ended up at ……….. (4 and a half stars) from the outside it looks small, quiet and like the rest along the Sorrento main street but once you walk in there is white framed crittle glass windows, which takes you into a conservatory like building with fresh lemon trees and beautiful music…

Duck and Cashews – China

I will put both my hands up to say I always go for the same thing on the menu at all my favourite restaurants and chains of food places (why fix wasn’t eaten broken 😊haha… But sometimes it can open you up to so many more possibilities. Take the jump and go wild on something you wouldn’t normally get, I have done this a few times in Europe, Asia and Africa and being very satisfied with the new dishes I now eat.

Doesn’t even have to be food blogs, but reading some posts about the city or areas you are traveling sometimes leads into some great recommendations for food and which areas to go to to find it!

Take Lisbon for instant, I headed there with my family , and didn’t actually know there was a Lisbon time out food market until I saw it on a blog a few days before we went… Mission Market came about on the day we landed… So many different cuisines to suit everyone’s tastes and each course you would ever need to feel full.

When my friend and I headed to Brussels for a long weekend, we knew 2 things… Fries and Waffles were on the menu 😊…. However when we got there our Airbnb host who has lived in Bruseels all his life selling artwork said “No Mussels in Brussels for you 2?” we were confused but we soon found out that they are a delicacy in Brussels.. We ended up walking 40 minutes to a small family run Restaurant in the more residential areas of the city… It was super cute, friendly staff and not to busy if you go earlier. A 100 strong list of different flavoured Mussels to choose from and they were delicious!

Feast for Fools – Lisbon
The best French toast with Nutella and Strawberries – Tik Tok diner

I know it can be daunting but sometimes the best thing to do is come across the best unknown and hidden little food gems. Sometimes it may not work out, first world problem not finding a food place! But least you’ve worked up an appetitie for when you do… We found a quiet, authentic American diner on the look our for some brunch in NYC after a place we wanted to head to was full, so we ended up at Tik Tok diner. With the best French toast you could ever want before 12!

Every city or town normally has a main market even if its one or two days a week. If your lucky enough some have them everyday, like London for example, Borough Market has developed into one of the top Markets to go to for locally sauced meats, organic ingredients and fresh food. With millions visiting every year. This is a great way to check out the locals ways of cooking and baking food but also meaning you are able to try the best of the best. With amazing atmospheres and a real cultural hub for foodies from all over the world in one place.

If panic strikes just play eany meany miney mo I suppose on whatever place you find first, but I think some of the best holidays is when you’ve planned some of the places you want to eat because as we know Food is the Most Important Meal of the Day!



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