Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer


Hi There ,

I am Danielle, full on dreamer, part time immature 27 year old, full on travel addict on a budget and an the proud owner of an ever growing Bucket List!

I currently call London home, 7 years of working my way up as an interior designer has given me the platform to travel and explore the world. I love checking out different cities ever changing boroughs, eating way to much food, taking way to many photos and never giving my self any time to chill… But I love it! Same with travelling I have always been the photographer of the group, nights out, weekends away I will normally have all the evidence on camera, I finally have a place to showcase my images and way of capturing the places I visit.

I would say I am just a girl who loves travelling and living life through adventures and new experiences‚Ķ. But I am not JUST A GIRL… I am a designer, a traveller, an intrepid blonde dreamer, a friend, a daughter, an independent woman whos still trying to figure life out, alongside all these awesome experiences I get to live out.

I am still new to all this blogging stuff, so at the moment I am just going to see what ideas come to me, I am not about perfection, its just me putting my thoughts, tips , ideas and travels I have experienced down after years of adventures near and far.

It maybe a bumpy ride, but excited to meet you all on the way


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