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THE PLANET OF ICELAND – Part 3 (West Fjords)

This magical excursion of 5 days into the depths of the Western Fjords had no expectations, at the time it was an area of Iceland not as popular as the south and capital city. The trip was just ideas, hopes and a few key areas we wanted to reach in the time we had… A lot of driving and probably some unforeseen weather situations as…

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The north of Iceland is just as stunning as the South, with less cars, less people, but just as much drama in its landscape… with its waterfalls and landscapes been if not equal than even more …. I drove into the North of Iceland from the East Fjords, by car which we hired at the start of the trip, I highly recommend this to anyone…

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THE PLANET OF ICELAND – Part 2 – South Iceland

Setting out from Reykjavik, after 3 days was so exciting, gradually going from houses on every side of the road behind and in front, to a sudden emptiness. No cars, no houses, nothing for miles at a time as we headed into the South of the island. Sun, then snow, then rain then sun again, each hour bringing a different kindof weather… But also different…

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THE PLANET OF ICELAND Part 1/4 – Reykjavik and The Golden Circle

The first year I went to a country I knew little about but decided to gatecrash after mum and dad said they were going. So flights were booked for March 3rd for 9 days of extreme adventures in extreme weather! The first few days were in Reykjavik… With opened up our eyes to the beauty of this country and so much more… Reykjavik – Day…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

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