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My Maori Village Experience

One of the most wonderful cultures, where the belief from the people is based on respect and guardianship for nature and the world around us. From the dirt to the trees, the animals to the rivers there is a story, a god and belief behind them all, but most importantly a culture which existed even before Autorua (Mauri for New Zealand) was named. Nothing is…

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My First Christmas in Oz

So to some it sounds like the dream, a warm, sunny, beach day Christmas in Australia with Barbeques and tanning on the beach in the Arvo (afternoon) The complete opposite to an English cold and wintery christmas I was more than used to. Over the years Christmases have changed at home with family growing up, different families and people now involved, and in some ways…

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Roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road,

The 151km long road from Torquay to along the Victoria south east coast line. With dramatic cliffs, huge ocean waves and beautiful natural formations. Making it a geographers heaven with caves, arches and stacks continuously being formed from the rapidly changing coastline. If its the outdoors you like then this is the place you will love. I did! The nearest cities to this stretch is…

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What to do in Wellington

Known as the windiest City in the Southern hemisphere, and the last stop before heading into the South Island of NZ. Wellington is fast becoming the capital city of business and finance. With a young atmosphere, alot to do, connections to both islands, theres no wonder it is very popular for tourists throughout the year. The accommodation I stayed in was a Hostel, in the…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

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