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Perfect Pokhara

I will tell you all about my days here, how I had no expectation on this small but beautiful part of Nepal, with its friendly people, calm atmosphere and stunning views. The experience started on the flight from Kathmandu, I decided a 25minute flight was much better than a 8 – 10 hour bus ride, (100 dollars for the flight, 10 dollars for the bus…

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Memorable Memorials – Never forget!

As you walk around each city or country you visit, you tend to find that memorials to certain events or people not only become the points of interest you remember but also tourist attractions and beautifully designed installations to make people think! When I first started writing this post, we had just commemorated the 18th Anniversary of 9 /11 in New York City. I looked…

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The Quest to Jordan in 5 days

What a Country, with a true mystical beauty which sweeps this country, with so many ancient secrets, magical cities and hidden suprises, its no wonder I fell in love with Jordan the Jewel of the Middle East within a week! Firstly I actually came into Jordan through the Israel border from Egypt on my tour I did, this took in all about 3 hours ,…

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Petra – Honesty about the Monastery

Well where do I start, the Lost City of Petra… I will be honest I didn’t realise just how big this magnificent Wonder of the world is. It meant I had more to explore and more to love once I found it out. Another honesty, after I had visited my only thing I wanted was bed – 42,000 steps throughout the 7 hours I was…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

Just a girl with blonde hair, who loves experiencing new things around the world and in my life!

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