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Saving for the Moments not the Future;

So everyone has been asking me since I said I was heading off for 8 months just how I have been able to save the amount I believe I needed for it, as well as a little secret kitty for a Rubie safety net. All of this  while living in the Money Burning London town. Its hard but sooooo worth it I will be honest…

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Egyptian Dream – Part 4 – Red Sea Resorts

After such a busy week of driving and sailing through history, a break from the dust and sand was definitely needed. We headed towards the Red Sea, East Egypt upto the North East of Egypt where the weather is hot, the sea water refreshing, and so close to Europe there’s no excuse to not visit this beautiful part of the country. Sharm el Sheikh This…

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10 Best Brunch’s in the Big City

London has become the Brunch capital! Over 78 percent of Londoners have caved in and said its there favourite meal! I for one joined the band wagon quite some time ago…. Now I think its about time I shared my favourites! 1.Beam , Crouch End – £ I will start with my favourite! This place is like walking into a front room of a house,…

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The 7 Year Itch…

I have booked a one way flight out of the UK... shocker of the year! But before I go into the details of the starting point of this intrepid trip, I think I need to explain how and why I have come to this super crazy, nerve-racking and selfish in some ways but oh so exciting decision… The beginning 7 years this month I have…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

Just a girl with blonde hair, who loves experiencing new things around the world and in my life!

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