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Rotorua in a 2 day Rush

With natural hot springs surrounding the Rotorua area, the centre of volcanic activity in New Zealand, I couldn’t wait to get here and see what it had to offer. I could of done with more than 2 days but I am on a tight schedule in NZ so 2 days it was. It was full of fun, bursting with beauty, and actually a lot of…

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My Dolphin Dreams come true

Kaikoura , Dolphins (Aihe in Mauri), South Island, New Zealand, 1 reason why they are all in one sentence. This is where I got to go and live one of my forever dreams, to swim with Dolphins! Wild Dolphins! For decades these Wild Dolphins have loved the waters of New Zealand for breeding, feeding and safety. One of the pods regular to the Kaikoura coast…

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Christchurch and its Character

Alot of people gave their opinion on Christchurch as a city with not a lot going on, however I like making my own decision. It has a dark cloud and stigma over its head due to the 2011 earthquake which destroyed so much of the city, with alot of families still mourning from it, but in the same way theres a sense of rebirth and…

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Galle Fort in all its Glory

A small Fort with a Big personality. With its trendy shops and cafes surrounded by the Fort walls and so many of the original 18th century buildings still used and lived in within Galle by locals which makes it so special and personal. Made a UNESCO world heritage site 1988 and really feels like a precious jewel which needs to be protected at all costs…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

Just a girl with blonde hair, who loves experiencing new things around the world and in my life!

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