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Jaipur – The pink city

The largest city in the Region of Rajastan, known for its Royal palaces, Huge Forts and colourful history. It is the capital of Rajastan and for good reason, it has an understated charm, with stunning architecture, beautifully detailed designs to not just buildings but clothing and markets. It is the centre of retail with carpets, clothing, precious gems and spices all big industries in the…

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Pushkar for a day

The hipster vibes are strong in this small yet vibrant City. Pushkar is known for being a very Holy City, with sacred waters, over 300 temples, and is known as a huge pilgrimage site for Hindus and Sikhs throughout the year. Due to the religious values here, there is no meat or Dairy consumption within the city, so is a hive for vegetarians and interesting…

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Varanasi, The Holy City

Varanasi, the Holiest of them all! The first stop after a 14 hour drive from crossing the border from Nepal, was one to greet you into India with a bang, or should that be a beep! There were cows just chilling along the main roads, men with no clothes apart from Ashed bodies and extravagant hair accesories on followed by women in white, beeping throughout…

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Udaipur – The Jewel of India

I write this article with so much love, excitement and a smile, because of all the fond memories i have of Udaipur. The one statement I have for this picturesque, quiet yet busting with romance city is this… I lost my heart to India, and the place it is being kept safe is Udaipur in the Lakes which burn in the sunset with the golden…

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Intrepid / Blonde / Traveller / Dreamer

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